Photos of some of the billboard advertisements Goa…

Goa was so different than Ahmedabad in so many ways, it was as if we had left India and entered a different country. It was a bit more of a challenge to collect photos in Goa compared to Ahmedabad as Goa is much more spread out and sectioned into various towns unlike the large and busy city of Ahmedabad where billboards are everywhere.

The largest difference that I noticed was the relaxed and laid back vibe and attitude that the locals and the tourists had in Goa. It was apparent as soon as we headed from the Goa airport to our hotel that things would be different. Quickly I noticed many different billboards advertising casinos, malls, alcohol and fashion. Right away I took note of the way the models were dressed in the advertisements, very different than in Ahmedabad, most of the models were showing lots of skin and the majority of the ads if not all of them featured models in western influenced clothing. Reasons for this obvious contrast between the two regions can include the large amount of tourists that travel to Goa and the fact that Ahmedabad is a dry state.

Again the models in the advertisements were flawless and beautiful and the image of perfections. Many of the models used in the ads were Caucasian and some were even dressed in bikinis, something that you would definitely not see in Ahmedabad.

The contrast in the ads from Goa and Ahmedabad highlight yet another example of the rich diversity that is India.


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